Did you know that Texas is the only state in the United States that does not require businesses to offer workers’ compensation insurance to its employees? These companies that do not provide workers’ compensation insurance are called “non-subscribers”. This means that, if you work for a non-subscriber and you are injured on the job, you may not be automatically awarded workers’ compensation and you will instead have to pursue legal action and sue your employer for negligence. This is an extremely complicated process, in large part because Texas is the only state that is governed under these laws. If you or a loved one is employed by a non-subscriber company and is injured or killed on the job, you may still be able to recover damages for your lost wages, damages, and other losses as a result of the work injury.

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What To Do If Your Injured At Work?

When you are hurt in your workplace, it is important to contact an attorney who focuses on work injury cases as soon as possible. It is likely your employer will begin to work against you so as not to pay for your injuries. Your employer may even claim that your injury was caused outside of work. A few things to consider when you experience a workplace accident:

  • File a report immediately, in writing, and give it to your employer. Many employers have a 24-hour reporting deadline, so it is best to file a report the same day.
  • Ask if your employer has a Texas workers' compensation policy. If so, ask to see the workers' compensation doctor right away.
  • If your employer does not have a Texas workers' compensation policy, find out if you are covered under another plan for injury recovery.
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